Multi-format technical documentation

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This personalized service is to consider your needs for writing your technical documents and/or conversion of existing technical documentation into your business. The proposed solutions are all directed towards the use of structured and standardized universal format XML (DocBook or DITA) .Your documents prepared under this single source format to publish documents in multiple standard formats to satisfy the growing needs of today in terms of dissemination of technical information. So you can keep a classic version of your documents in printable PDF format and have those documents in standard HTML5 format (for fixed terminals Windows®, Mac OS or Linux) and HTML optimized for mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Single XML Source



HTML Mobile


The benefits of a single source documentation

  • You maintain a single source of your work as a powerful format and globally recognized (DocBook or DITA).
  • Your technical documents such as specifications, manuals or other intervention may be made ​​available to your employees on intranet web format or on a secure portal .
  • Electronic versions can be enriched with inter- active content (animated 3D videos ... ).
  • References to sources are available after clicking in an ergonomic environment (type "Wikipedia" ) .
  • Ability to have , from the same source, optimized versions for mobile devices that will be increasingly used in the future.

Work Process

Initially it will be necessary to study in details the way you work on the drafting of technical documents, including the type of documents, profile editors and purpose of this documentation.

According to the findings of the analysis at the end of this first important step , we decide together the most suitable service to your needs :

  1. We write or convert your existing technical documents (generally in Word format ) in XML format and you deliver publications PDF , HTML and HTML Mobile Classic of these documents.
  2. We offer a publishing solution /XML Editor for your work environment and support you in this structured drafting process (implementation of the XML publishing solution, training ...).

Partnerships and software

WITS Engineering relies on the skills of companies and communities of experts in the field of structured documentary writing . Whether in the context of the provision of external or drafting a proposal for implementation of an internal XML editing environment for your business , we always strive to use the most mature market publishing tools.