Jean-Francois Weissmann

| | | | 2013-2015 STAT-Marine - Product Manager | Development of IT tools and 3D inter-active business support products for the Field Development and Field Operations Business Units supporting Oil Companies
| | 2006-2013 STAT-Marine - Field Operations Support Business Unit Manager | Oil & Gas market. Expert engineering for Inspection Maintenance and Repair (IMR) applicable to deepwater Subsea equipment. Support to operators.
| | | 2001-2006 STAT-Marine - Consultant Subsea Engineer | Mission to the Oil & Gas Clients during the project / design / manufacturing phase ( France , Spain) and in field operation phase (West Africa ,USA, Northern Europe). Preparation and supervision of the installation works, inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea equipment in deep water environment.
| 1998-2001 STOLT COMEX SEAWAY - Equipment Engineer | ECA - Offshore Robotics Project Manager | Design, fabrication /testing monitoring, preparation of Offshore works and on-site operations follow-up (North Sea and Middle East).
| Education 1997 | Marine Engineering Degree ISITV (Institut des Sciences de l'Ingénieur de Toulon et du Var).
1997 | DEA French Diploma in Marine Environment Sciences.
2008 | Bilan Carbone Niveau II French government diploma course allowing sensitisation studies to greenhouse gas (carbon footprint).